Poetry Found in Issue 1


There is asbestos in my ceiling

The asbestos had always been there

I cough a lot recently

My landlord says it’s fine,

The asbestos had always been there

I should quite smoking instead he said

The last tenant didn’t complain,

That the asbestos had always been there

Why should I complain, why should I move out?

The asbestos had always been there anyway

~ xXS4R4Xx


Haunted by your touch

brushing on my skin

underneath my childhood bathing suit

I am swimming in the water like a seal

and like a shark you grab me

I can feel myself being pulled down



I look up at the fading hope of the sun above me and I reach out my hand

Grasp at the sky

But now everything is you


Sitting Alone in a Barnes and Noble

My leg starts to bounce

I am scared of all the men here

They look like hard conservatives

And I am in my lab coat that had leftist gay patches and pins all over it

I want a friend to be here with me

One of my strong men I keep around me

I want the protection of having someone else around

I miss feeling safe and surrounded

It has been so long

My legs are bouncing and

I want a friend but

I am alone

Sitting in a Barnes and Noble



loaded-failed are my manifestos

close are my friends

I am the golden eagle flying above the town

I am the tie-dye dragon flying above them all

Previously, different, I was the white worm

Crawling through the cracks in the pavement

Albinism baring me to the harsh rays of the sun

Reclusive, small, easily crushed


Ignore The Razor In My Bag

Ignore the razor in my bag

I have to hide it there

Ignore the razor in my bag

For it isn’t going anywhere

Ignore the scars upon my shins

For they are here to stay

Ignore the scars upon my shins

I like them there anyways

Ignore the untouched bowl of food

Where it sits by my bed

Ignore the untouched bowl of food

Like I ignore the thoughts inside my head

Ignore me

Till I’m better

Ignore the way I am

Ignore me

Till I’m better

Till I believe I am



I reached into my chest, jagged and bitten nails pushing into the skin so hard they pop!

through the skin and tear through the muscles.

410,757,864,530 HOMELESS QUEER KIDS

I grip my heart with such ferocity my knuckles turn white under the blood, my fingers

crack and dislocate as they pierce the thump thump thumping muscle.

410,757,864,530 STAIRCASES

I keep pushing, up to the elbow now

410,757,864,530 DEAD QUEERPHOBES

Keep. Pushing.

410,757,864,530 DEAD ABLEISTS

I gasp with relief as I break through the skin on my back and shake my heart loose of my

broken fingers. My arm is permanently stuck inside of me, bone shards holding it

captive. I raise my other hand and begin the process again.



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