About Us

We are the Folk Punk Folks Collective and this is the Folk Punk’s Not Dead project! Welcome to the digital extension of our zine, where you will find everything we have published in every issue, as well as additional content not printed and full length interviews.

The primary purpose of this zine is to be a mouthpiece and outlet for the folk punk community. This project has been created collectively by members of this community, for the members of this community to enjoy and reflect upon. We do this to showcase the incredible creativity found within our scene, to articulate our thoughts and opinions, and reflect on who we are and the music we listen to. While others might find their way to our zine and to this site, our focus is on the members of the folk punk scene, and the content we would like to see and read. Furthermore, the art and thoughts found here are very much our own as they represent us as the individuals that have produced the content, and as a collective that consumes it. With all that being said, please enjoy what we have to offer.